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2018 Talent for Governance Training Scholarships for Developing Countries

Brief description:
With Talent for Governance, The Hague Academy aims to enable young civil servants from developing countries and Eastern European (non-EU) countries to participate in a specially designed Talent for Governance programme.
The Programme generally consists out of four components that are all connected by an overall theme: a two- week training course at The Hague Academy for Local Governance, a week-long internship at a Dutch municipality, networking activities and the back home action plan.
Host Institution(s):
The Hague Academy for Local Governance, The Hague, Netherlands
Level/Field(s) of study:
To apply for the Talent programme, candidates need to choose one of the following programme themes:
• Citizen Participation and Inclusive Governance – Programme from 5 th March 2018 to 22 nd March 2018, (more information about the training course part of the programme)
• Local Service Delivery – Programme from 18 th June to 5 th July 2018, ( more information about the training course part of the programme)
• Local Economic Development – Programme from 1 st October to 18 th October 2018, (more information about the training course part of the programme)
Number of Awards:
The amount of placements will depend on the funds and internship placements in Dutch local governments.
Target group:
Young civil servants working for local government in a developing country
Scholarship value/inclusions:
The Talent for Governance programme covers the cost of tuition fee, travel costs, accommodation and most living expenses in The Netherlands. The talents are asked to contribute 150 Euros towards the programme costs.
Application is possible if you:
• work for a local government (not an NGO or private enterprise);
• work in one of the countries listed on the
DAC country list;
• be 37 years of age or younger when you apply;
• have at least two years of work experience in local governance and
• have the intension to work there for at least two years more;
• speak and understand the English language well (all programmes are in English);
• be able to write down and orally defend your motivation for and relevance of the specific programme;
• be able to identify an issue/project as a real life case within the theme of the programme for which you will write a Back Home Action Plan during the talent programme;
• have written support of your employer to participate in the programme and to implement the Back Home Action Plan when you return home.
Application instructions:
Please do not submit a separate application form for the specific training course of your choice through the website of the Hague Academy for Local Governance. Only applications made through the Talent for Governance online application form will be considered. The deadline for applications for the programmes offered in 2018 is 1 December 2017.
It is important to read the
Rules and Regulations Talent for Governance 2018 and visit the official website (link found below) to access the online application form and for detailed information on how to apply for this scholarship.
Official Scholarship Website:
Deadline: 1 Dec 2017 (annual)
Study in: Netherlands
Course starts May-Dec 2018
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